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It's Finally Time!

I can;t believe I am writing this but it is finally time to open Enlighten Works! It started as an idea that has been rolling around and growing in my head for many years. I am so excited to be bringing Mindfulness, Holistic Life Coaching, EFT and Holistic Weight Management to you all.

I first obtained my Mindfulness diploma in 2017 after discovering mindfulness in 2010. I have been studying hard this year and have now completed and passed my Holistic Health Practitioner diploma, Mindfulness for Stress Based Reduction, Psychology of Eating Coach diploma, Nutrition Coach, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Life Coach diploma and Love Your Body diploma.

I am continuing my professional development, currently studying for my Hypnotherapy Certificate and NLP Practitioner Diploma. I am really looking forward to bringing these to you all!

A little about me! I live in Aberdeenshire just outside the village of Insch. We are very blessed to have some very old Sycamore, Cherry, Ash and Elderberry trees in our garden. It's an absolute pleasure to see them and yes I do hug them! It is a beautiful spot and a perfect place to connect to nature. I was born and lived in Cornwall until my early thirties, moving to Aberdeenshire fourteen years ago. Cornwall will always be special to me but here has my heart. Me and hubby have three dogs who are our world and they know it! I worked most of my career in finance and always knew I was meant to be doing something else. Analysing spreadsheets wasn't what I wanted to do. While working on my own holistic wellbeing, Enlighten Works was born. I am sure I will have some steep learning curves (setting up and designing the website was one!) but I have the commitment and enthusiasm to see me through.

I will be updating the blog regularly with informative holistic items and how my further training is going. I would love it if you can join me along the way.

Wishing you peace,

Karen x


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