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What do I do as a Holistic Health/Well being Coach?

As a holistic health/well being therapist or coach I look at the person as a whole mind, body and spirit. We work alongside conventional medicine. Holism is grounded in complete healing of the individual on all levels rather than incremental treatment of symptoms of an illness or disease.

The holistic therapy philosophy is to treat and therefore healing the whole person. In order to accomplish full healing all parts of a human being must be in unison. If one or more parts is ignored it can throw the person off balance and full healing cannot take place.

The world is suffering a huge amount of stress related illnesses. Experts speculate around 66% of all doctor visits are stress related symptoms and some even go as high as 90%. Stress has a huge impact on our well being. Stress has a very real and serious affect on us as a whole, when stressed your sympathetic nervous system kicks in and the pituitary glands release a number of hormones and neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, dopamine and cortisol. These chemicals tell our bodies to direct blood away from less immediately necessary functions (such as the immune system and digestive system) and to our brains and muscles. Our feelings of anxiety increase and we feel on edge. It even affects of perception of pain and our blood thicken in case of injury. this is the fight or flight response.

Our diet has also been drastically influenced by modern fast paced lifestyle. We no longer eat to live we use food as a comforter, a treat, a reward, a pacifier and to alleviate boredom. We are probably more removed from where our food comes from than any other generation. The yo-yo diet industry is huge and the marketing industry constantly showing us what we should look like with air brushed images of the unobtainable. This pressure is not "healthy" for us as a whole. Nutrition is key is keeping our immune systems and preventing disease. When you change your nutrition plan to natural and healthy foods you will see amazing changes not just in your body but also your mind.

We seem to have lost the ability to nourish our mind, body and spirit. As we read above, so many issues we have are caused by lifestyle choices. Connecting with ourselves, accepting ourselves, with nature and where are food comes from and what it does for us is a positive step towards whole person wellness.

So how can I help as a Holistic Health Practitioner? The first thing we do is have a chat about where you are in the present with regards to your physical, mental and emotional wellness. We look at each part of your whole wellness including negative thought patterns, your general health, physical exercise, your daily patterns, stress reduction, creativity and what your wellness goals are. Once we have identified your wellness goals we will make a plan to achieve them. This process is very rewarding but it does take commitment from you, you have to want to do this.

I will teach you news skills such as meditation, mindfulness, visualisation, EFT (emotional freedom technique), affirmations, advise on nutrition and how they can improve your overall wellness and increase personal fulfilment. I will lead your visualisations and meditations and you will learn this technique and skill to do for yourself at home. You will have homework to do, not boring spelling practice but real personal wellness techniques to practice! We will examine current negative thought patterns and learn new ways to process these thoughts. Most of our brain activity is carried out by our sub-conscious mind very little being carried out by our conscious mind.

There will be lots of "game changer" moments! For me the biggest "game changers" were mindful eating, nutrition and self acceptance. Your's maybe the same or they may be totally different, it is exciting to find out.

Whole wellness will not be achieved in an hour, it takes work and commitment and is a thoroughly rewarding process. Once you learn to cultivate your own personal wellness you will never stop cultivating, just like a garden, it needs tending.

All sessions are available via skype or zoom.

With much gratitude,

Karen MCMA



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