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Why Tapping (EFT)

When I first started tapping I found it a little strange at first! My first EFT therapist didn't really explain how it worked or the benefits. I came back to it a couple of years later and with a kind and gentle EFT therapist I discovered it's true power.

You tap with your fingers on acupressure points, meridian points, similar to acupuncture but without the needles. By tapping on these points we are clearing the meridian hot spots of negative energy caused by negative emotions and feelings. If I have a negative thought or emotion I tap for a few cycles on the thought or emotion and it clears, I don't end up carrying it with me all day.

You can learn the tapping cycle and tap for yourself on the smaller problems and see an EFT therapist for the bigger issues. A skilled EFT therapist will pick up on negative thoughts or emotions from the initial consultation, which you probably didn't even realise you were saying in the process of the conversation.

So what can EFT help with?








Pain management

Mundane worries and stresses

We create pathways in the brain which support negative thinking or fears. The more we use these pathways the stronger they become. The good news is we can create new pathways using EFT.

You can tap anywhere and it can be used discreetly. You can tap before an interview, when feeling anxious and when feeling upset to name a few instances. EFT can also be used in conjunction with Hypnotherapy.

EFT works really well on zoom sessions as I don't need to physically be with you to take you through the initial consultation and the tapping cycles.

There are no known side effects or contradictions with EFT and it works as a complimentary therapy alongside traditional medicine. When dealing with some of the issues above it is important to continue with any treatment or medication prescribed by your doctor.

Much gratitude,

Karen MCMA


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