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You don't need to be stuck with old patterns of thinking

If you have never had hypnotherapy, I can guarantee you it will not be how you imagine it to be. It is a wonderful deep relaxation, you will not be asleep but you will be deeply relaxed. It is in this deeply relaxed state I can talk to your unconscious mind and it is highly suggestive. You can work on anything with hypnotherapy, the most common being phobias, anxiety, weight management, stopping smoking, confidence and panic attacks. Hypnotherapy works well over video call even we we get cut off you will naturally come back to the room. We can combine hypnotherapy with Holistic Life Coaching, EFT and Mindfulness. Don't be stuck with old patterns of thinking, start the change and make an appointment today.

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Mindfulness an Introduction

Present in the Now

Mindfulness is all about observing the thoughts and feelings for what they are "thoughts". By being mindful you begin to realise your thoughts do not define or control you, they simply are. Being present in the moment is incredibly empowering.Living in the present moment can totally transform your life. In these sessions we will learn what mindfulness is and how to bring mindfulness to your daily life. Session £40 an hour

Love Yourself

Love Yourself Holistic Weight Management

Natural Healing

You have to eat in order to live. In actual fact we have made an entire industry about it and a lot of it isn't good. Food has become our friend, our social time, to alleviate boredom, a comforter, and a treat. Food also dictates the way we think in far more ways than just what and when to eat. Weight loss is often an emotional process and you need to understand the emotional connection you have with food. In these sessions you will learn to accept yourself now in the present moment, examine current relationships with food and form new healthier ones. If you do not accept yourself now you will continue the cycle of yo-yo dieting. You will learn about how food affects your mind and body. These sessions are all about empowering you to a healthier lifestyle. Sessions £35 an hour

Open Hands


Emotional Freedom Technique

Often referred to as "tapping" it can be used to help with negative emotions, anxiety, anger, relieve stress, promote general well being, increase self-esteem, clear thinking, maximise creativity and move us beyond self limiting beliefs. EFT is gentle and using fingertip pressure on acupressure points. EFT works with our body's own energy system using acupressure on the meridian pathways. EFT tapping can reduce the stress or negative emotion you feel from the issue, ultimately restoring balance to your disrupted energy. Sessions £35 45 mins to 1 hour

Yoga Pose

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction


Stress can cause a myriad of problems. Experts speculate that 90% of disease or illness is either complicated by or caused by stress alone. Life can be overwhelming if you allow it to be but through the practice of a simple meditation you can transform your stress, anxiety and fear into peace and happiness. We will cover many aspects of mindfulness used for stress reduction. You will learn mindfulness techniques and meditations. We will cover what stress does to the body and mind and your overall well being. Mindfulness for stress reduction is an excellent tool for chronic pain. This program is delivered over 4 weekly sessions. There will be "homework" to do and practice before the next session. By the end of the 4 sessions you will have effective tools to manage your stress. 4 sessions £140

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Holistic Life Practitioner/Coaching

Body Mind Spirit

Holistic coaching does not just focus on the ailment or problem but instead focuses on the person as a whole, body, mind and spirit. The main goal of holistic therapy is optimal health or when a person is doing well, mentally, spiritually and physically. Philosopher Socrates in all his wisdom states " for the part can never be well unless the whole is well". We will explore visualisation exercises. The benefits if visualisation include promoting relaxation, improving sleep quality, lowering blood pressure, easing chronic pain, strengthening the immune system, coping with anxiety and helping you reach your goals. We will identify your holistic wellness goals and how you will achieve them. We will look at optimal nutrition to feed your body, mind and spirit. We will look at emotional wellness and understanding your thoughts. Wellness of spirit happens when our actions, thoughts and emotions are in a state of balance. We can cultivate a mindset that promotes peace, harmony and balanced development in all areas, our spirit resonates with a state of contentment and we experience this as spiritual wellness. Sessions £35 per hour


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